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“After my wife and I purchased a lot with the intention of building our dream home, we learned that the property was situated in a major landslide area. That fact was discovered only after retained professional engineers and geologists failed to discover the landslide, and the seller’s realtor failed to disclose a soils report indicating the presence of a landslide on the property. Fortunately for us, we retained Mr. McMahon who was knowledgeable in both real estate law, as well as construction defect law. After Mr. McMahon filed a lawsuit on our behalf, we entered into a settlement agreement with both the soils engineer and geologist, as well as with the real estate agent and real estate broker. I do not believe we would have ever achieved such a successful settlement of this matter without the expertise and aggressive representation provided to us by Mr. McMahon. I found Mr. McMahon to be extremely accessible and was always fully informed as to the status of our case whenever I spoke to Mr. McMahon. I would recommend Mr. McMahon to anyone who requires legal representation.”

Dr. Shahram F.


“As a business man in Los Angeles I operate a clothing business and also own the commercial building in which the business is located. During a severe rain storm my building suffered property damage, and I also suffered a substantial loss to my business personal property and inventory. After presenting a claim to my insurance carrier, I was told that the claim for the business personal property and inventory was not covered under my insurance policy. After retaining Mr. McMahon, he successfully achieved a settlement with my insurance agent for failing to adequately insure my business personal property, and he also, after filing suit against the insurance carrier, settled my insurance claim with the carrier to my satisfaction. Mr. McMahon truly cared about my legal problem and was always available when I called to inquire with regard to the status of my case. I am convinced I would not have achieved a satisfactory resolution to my property damage claim without Mr. McMahon’s expertise and commitment to achieving the best possible result with regard to my claim.”

Michael S.


I am currently a contractor in the State of California and specialize in acoustic ceilings.  The projects involve approximately 65% public works, 25% tenant improvements and 10% industrial projects.   We contract with large companies such as Bernards Brothers, Amoroso, Swinnerton, PCL, C W Driver, Oltmans and others.  During my 20 plus years in the business I have sought the counsel and services of Mr. McMahon when issues regarding change orders or contract disputes have arisen.  Mr. McMahon has always been receptive in understanding the entire situation or problem and throughout the years provided me with the best advise in either settling the issue or pursuing litigation when required.  Mr. McMahon has always advised and assisted me in settling problems which were monetarily in my best interest.  I have always been satisfied with the outcome whether in settling or litigating.  I recommend Mr. McMahon, as it is rare an attorney will advise you truthfully and in your best interest and not his own.
Robert T.