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real-estate For many people, the purchase of a condominium, single family residence or even commercial or industrial property can be a stressful experience. Often times property owners listing their property for sale fail to disclose, to prospective purchasers, critical information concerning the condition of the property or adjacent property which later proves crucial in determining the actual fair market value of the property. In addition, sellers are often frustrated by potential purchasers who sign bon-a-fide purchase offers and later seek to “renegotiate” the contract by asking for price reductions or additional concessions after the period in which to withdraw the offer has expired. The seller is damaged by the fact the property was taken off the market and other prospective purchasers were unable to view the property and advance potential purchase offers.  Often times, as the transaction is about to close, buyers and sellers will attempt to cut back on the realtors earned commission for the benefit of the buyer and seller and to the detriment of the realtors. Mr. McMahon has extensive experience in representing buyers, sellers and brokers in both residential and commercial transactions. In addition, Mr. McMahon has litigated claims against realtors and escrow  companies pertaining to negligent misrepresentation regarding the condition of the property during the sale process.  Mr. McMahon also represents homeowners associations and homeowners in connection with claims between homeowners and their associations.