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businesslit  If you are a business owner, either individually or acting in the capacity of a corporation, limited liability company, joint venture, or partnership, and have been harmed by the wrongful conduct of another individual or business, you may be entitled to bring a claim or lawsuit to recoup your economic losses. Such lawsuits can be handled by Mr. McMahon on either a contingency basis (a percentage of your recovery) or on an hourly fee basis. If you have a claim or lawsuit brought against you or your company, Mr. McMahon is in a position to evaluate the nature of that claim and determine whether or not your insurance company may be in a position to pay for your defense costs. Mr. McMahon has extensive experience in insurance coverage related issues and can determine whether or not such claims brought against you or your company are covered under your insurance policy. Sometimes an insurance company will agree to defend you, but only under limited circumstances. In such an event, Mr. McMahon is uniquely qualified to monitor the defense of the case and to insure that the attorney hired by your insurance company will put your interests ahead of the interests of the insurance carrier, which is paying for the cost of your defense. If you believe you have such a claim please contact Mr. McMahon and he will discuss your potential claim and available options at no charge