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personal-injury If you have been injured by someone, you may be entitled to receive compensation for your physical, economic and psychological injuries. Mr. McMahon has successfully represented individuals for over 30 years concerning automobile accidents, job related accidents, and accidents occurring on the injured party’s own property or on property owned by others. Depending upon the nature of the case Mr. McMahon can represent you on either a contingency fee basis (a percentage of any settlement or recovery) or on an hourly fee basis. In addition, Mr. McMahon has extensive experience working with various healthcare providers, vocational rehabilitation specialists, and occupational therapists who work often times on a lien basis. Mr. McMahon has also been successful upon settlement of personal injury claims to negotiate with the various healthcare and service providers, as well as health insurance carriers to compromise such claims, thereby providing a greater monetary recovery for the client.

Please contact Mr. McMahon if you believe you or a family member has a potential personal injury claim. Mr. McMahon will evaluate your claim and discuss with you what options you may have, at no charge.